Cultivating a Faithful Motherhood

This is a motherhood focused on Jesus, joy, purpose and peace. 

Hey Mama.. Feeling Overwhelmed?

We are here to help! Let’s ditch overwhelm and distraction and cultivate a faithful heart and home. We specialize in assisting moms with priorities, productivity and peace in their homes.

The Tools to Help You Get Started

Motherhood… it’s busy. The days are long. You feel like another day has passed and it didn’t go the way you wanted. You feel overwhelmed. You really want to enjoy it more, everyone tells you how quickly it goes by…

As a mother, there is no greater feeling than embracing the precious gift of motherhood. The act of nurturing with love and guiding with faith is truly the essence of what it means to be a faithful mother.  Being a mother means wearing numerous hats, from chef to chauffeur, teacher to friend, but at the core of it all, the role is filled with love and exemplifies the virtues of kindness, compassion, and understanding. A mother’s strength, wisdom, and enduring love can shape a child’s life and provide a foundation rooted in faith, trust, and hope for the future.

Culture constantly bombards us with negative messaging about motherhood. The enemy wants nothing more than to distract and discourage you. To keep you feeling defeated and like you just can’t get this #momlife thing right. 

But God..

Motherhood is sacred ground. It is an incredible gift and this community was created to help you steward it well. We want to help you simplify, get focused and end the day filled with peace and joy instead of relief that it’s finally bedtime.

Overwhelmed and Distracted? Find Peace and Joy in your Everyday

The Faithful & Free 6

Do these 6 things everyday and your motherhood will change


Time with the Lord

As Christ followers we are to love God with everything we have. It is our first priority. The enemy loves to distract us. When you put time with the Lord first everything else will change in your life.


One simplifying task

Distraction and chaos. This is the enemy of a peaceful motherhood. Stuff, schedules, ALL THE THINGS can take over. Every day I want you to select one thing you can simplify. Whether it's clearing your inbox, or organizing photos or your junk drawer. Take a few minutes to simplify one thing every day. It's life changing.


Move Your Body

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Nourish them and move them. Energy is created when we move our body. The key to killing sluggishness and lack of motivation is to move. Get up mama!


Fill Your Cup

We can often put ourselves very last. And while we are called to love and serve others and die to self, we can't do that well when our cup is empty. Fill up so you can overflow. Sleep well, eat well, watch something that makes you laugh, spend time with your favourite people, eat a piece of chocolate, take a slow moment and enjoy your morning coffee. Whatever it is Fill your cup today.


Nurture a Relationship

This can be your husband or a specific child, or you best friend who you haven't connected with in a month. Think about one person in your life that you can make feel special today. A compliment, a sweet treat, a plan to get together. Be intentional with your people. There is always more time for work and stuff but if you neglect your people, joy will be lacking.


5 Min of Planning am & pm

It doesn't matter if you are Type A or Type B - Take 5 minutes at the start and end of your day to work on planning. When we fail to plan we plan to fail. Every ship needs its course. God calls us to live our lives in excellence for His glory. Don't let overwhelm and distraction steal your excellence.

The Faithful Mothers Podcast

Helping you cultivate a faithful heart and home


Take a listen as you do the dishes, fold the laundry or go for a walk. The podcast is packed with valuable information to help you live an intentional, joyful, peaceful motherhood!

Every Wednesday we bring inspiration and tangible action steps to help you amidst the mundane and miracles of motherhood to cultivate a faithful heart and home.