Doing a New Thing

2 and a half years ago God called me to a new thing. An overseas mission field serving vulnerable children and families. Prior to that, I was a blog-writing, hair stylist/ foster mom in Ontario, Canada writing over at

I have wrestled back and forth for the last two and a half years juggling my new life and my old. An across-the-world change definitely defines that. There was my life before Central America and now there is life after. 

I love this new life, I love doing the work the Lord has called me to do but there seems to be no time left in my days for the old ways of being creative and connecting with women. Every time I try to get back into the swing of things, something from my new life pulls me in a different direction.

I have prayed and I have waited for the answer. “Lord, what do you want me to do, am I supposed to give this all up? There seems to be no room yet still a desire. Lord please take the desire away or make it clear what I am supposed to do, or give me better pockets of time to work and create and write and do all the things outside of my faith and family that make me, well me.” 

After much time He has revealed to me this is still a path I am supposed to walk but it’s going to look a little differently. It’s going to take the main principles I have written about in my previous blog and streamline things down. I asked God what He wants me to share here and it was simple. Encourage them to be faithful. I asked myself what kind of legacy do I want to leave behind when I’m called home. And it was simple. I want to be remembered as a faithful woman, a faithful mother.  

I want to be faithful in my walk with the Lord, my marriage, my motherhood, and my home. I want to steward the gifts He has given me well and use them to grow His kingdom. So that’s it. That is why I am here, with this fresh new blog. Faithful Mothers. 

This is my ministry to women because He has proven faithful to me over and over. That is who He is and if I can encourage you to be faithful back to Him, I think that is a really beautiful way to live your life. My gifts come in the shape of a strong faith and the ability to lead, teach and encourage. My skills are all in the creative world and I love to create with my hands whether that’s a website or graphics or courses to help and encourage. Even something physical with my hands like a beautiful haircut or painting or crocheting! And finally, I am a dreamer and a doer and think this life is entirely too short to do all the things God has placed on my heart. So I’m going to pursue things that have become clear with prayer and this new chapter of is just that.

The old website will be up for a while still as I transfer and update some of my favorite posts and podcasts but it was getting heavy and bogged down over there and I am really just ready for a new chapter.  I am making no promises to a release schedule because that has just seemed to fail me in the past but rather working away on writing and creating in the pockets of marriage, motherhood and ministry.

My goal is to be faithful to my God, in my personal life, and to you as a reader. I pray the words and courses you will find here encourage you in your walk of faithfulness. 

Welcome to faithfulmothers.

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