My Best Mom Advice

I was thinking about what I was like prior to becoming a mom. And what I would say to her if I could go back to life pre babies.  First I would tell her to take one more year and do a bit more travel because her life is about to forever change. I became […]

Becoming a Prayer Warrior

faithful mothers podcast becoming a prayer warrior

Prayer is how we communicate with God YOu may have heard somethign along the lines of “well all we can do is pray” when someone seems to be facing a hopeless situation. I myself have been guilty of this but the Lord convicted me that this approach of “well all we can do” is all […]

Hot Mess Mom Culture

hot mess mom culture

I’m sure you have seen those hot mess mom memes, seemingly bragging about the day’s failures, wearing it like some sort of trophy. It’s like in order not to feel shame in not being able to get it all done, or being all put together there is this sense of comradery in how hard motherhood […]

Keeping Your Child Safe vs Helicopter Parenting

faithful mothers podcast

Today more than ever I think parents have the desire to keep their children safe. It’s the perfect storm of access to all of the evil in the world with a few clicks, the over-sexualization in our society, and the pressure that social media has made us feel that we need to be the perfect […]

Discerning Fruit & Encouragement for Motherhood

faithful mothers podcast episode 46 discerning the fruit encouragement for christian mothers

Christians – You will know them by their fruit There is a lot of talk about fruit in the Bible. God uses fruit imagery to help us understand His word. This section of the Bible is specifically about being able to spot false prophets.   You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, […]

Doing a New Thing

doing a new thing blog post from

Doing a New Thing 2 and a half years ago God called me to a new thing. An overseas mission field serving vulnerable children and families. Prior to that, I was a blog-writing, hair stylist/ foster mom in Ontario, Canada writing over at I have wrestled back and forth for the last two and […]